Dao - ダーオ
☆ Carefully ! It is not recommended who want an ordinary erotic video. ☆

She is a real amateur. Of course, she has not done anything such as works in nightclub , prostitution, and seems to little experience of sex. She is charm and pretty , but…
It was hard to take off her clothes so she was very shy. It seemed that she don’t think about ‘sex is fun’, basically she didn’t take erotic reactions or something. Blow job was refused like a matter of course.

When it insert she said hurts, and only about 3 cm can be inserted (without condom). I changed the posture and try various challenges, but I could not insert it all in her pussy . I confirmed Many times ‘Are you a virgin?’ , but she said 'I am not a virgin.' But in the end, creampied at the normal position.

* It may be recommend for those who want to see the real amateur videos or girls who are not used to sex.
* She said that the stomach injury was the mark of the cecum (I confirmed it over and over again ..).
* “Chep” She said several times during sex. It means “hurts” in Thai language.